What Exactly Is a Process Server?

A process server delivers legal documents from lawyers or legal teams. By law, this service of process happens when someone is brought up as a witness or is named in a law suit, and this is usually performed in person by a processing server. The laws regarding this process do differ from region to region. In some places, legal documents can be posted; however, others will need the personal process service.

Process servers take documents from the people they are working for, find a person whom the documents need to be given to, and then deliver them. Once these have been delivered, the law considers this service completed. If that person fails to respond, they are legally liable in the eyes of the law, and that person knows they have to respond.

A person in this position can come from any walk of life, and sometimes they need a license in order to work in this industry. Some are employed by agencies, and some work for themselves. One advantage of agency work is it is ongoing because lawyers grow familiar with one and will use regularly use it. Some work for the government to deliver papers for the courts.

This work is extremely challenging as not everyone will be happy being served with legal documents, more so when they are unexpected, and sometimes a server can be in danger. If there are any concerns about their safety, a member of the law will accompany them for protection. However, others rely on safety training to protect themselves when deemed necessary.

A process server can also perform in-depth research. Sometimes, it is relatively simple to serve papers on a person because the documents have their name and address. Other times, the server could have to hunt a person down to deliver their papers. There could be times when a server cannot find someone by any means.

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