Are There Different Types of Process Server Jobs?

A process of service is an official way of delivering legal papers to a person. A process server is the title of a person who delivers or number at court documents. Some process service jobs can be positions in the government’s court system and in private investigation firms.

In other word, process server is the person who is responsible for accepting paperwork from people they work for and find the person to whom they must deliver the documents to. Once the documents are delivered, the law considers the process completed. Should that person fail to respond, they can be liable because in the eyes of the law that person knows that a response is expected, and they are aware of the legal proceedings. In other words, process servers can be held legally responsible for any mistakes they have done while they were performing their duties.

Some servers work for agencies; however, there are some that are freelancers. One of the advantages of working for an agency like Basic Document Services is that it is steady because lawyers within the community of Hayward, CA get familiar with agencies they use regularly, and lawyers from other regions who have a need for a process server may be referred to the agency in question.

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